97% ‘A’ and ‘B’ grades

Live online classes with a former international journalist

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“Classes with Mr Liau always bring fresh insights that have never crossed my mind during my self-study or even during GP lessons in school. He always challenges me to stretch myself and deeply explore conventional topics and issues that are usually only superficially discussed in school. ” ~ Jiwon, Victoria Junior College, S to A, top 1 percentile, awarded CN Yang Scholarship

Track Record

  • 97% of our students scored ‘A’ and ‘B’ grades in 2021

  • 90% of our students score ‘A’ and ‘B’ grades every year

  • Average improvement of three grades (i.e. D to A)

  • We produce top scorers at the top one percentile every year

How we achieve it

  • Structured learning experience with ample hands-on practice

  • Interactive and engaging discussions for maximum intellectual stimulation

  • Individualised guidance and feedback

  • Detailed notes and supplementary materials for revision

  • All lessons personally conducted by principal GP tutor, Mr Liau

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“Mr Liau is very knowledgeable about GP topics and current affairs. He provided me with plenty of resources that helped me keep up with what’s going on around the world as well as good examples that I could use in my essays.” ~ Zong De

Educational Qualifications

  • Post-graduate Certificate in Online Learning and Education (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons), History, NTU

  • Hwa Chong Institution alumnus

Professional Experience

  • Deep professional experience as a journalist for The Guardian and international op-ed writer for six years

  • Extensive ten years teaching experience

  • Rich insights as the Hwa Chong HS/JC debate coach for four years (teams won ten championships)

  • Unique ability to captivate and intrigue as an award-winning intervarsity and JC debater (won four national championships)

“Thank you for your guidance while I was in your GP tutoring sessions. I always like hearing what you think about issues during lessons because they can really get interesting and it’s a fresh perspective for me for most times. I actually do enjoy GP because I get to understand our current world better, so thank you for all the things that you share with us during lessons. Your enthusiasm about the world and the issues pushed me to think more about what’s happening, rather than just take things in as it is. I really appreciate how flexible you are with your lessons too.” ~ Charmaine

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Timetable and Fees

Why students prefer our classes

  • Engaging discussions and insights on current affairs issues

  • Comprehensive notes and materials

  • Extensive feedback and close support for each individual student

  • Structured learning experience

  • Relevant and useful exam techniques

Why our students prefer online classes

  • More alert and less exhausted from travelling

  • No mask to muffle speech

  • Instant marking and feedback provided online

  • Able to ask questions directly via text messaging

  • Unique learning experience with Mr Liau

“Mr Liau has always been extremely dedicated in teaching me. He constructs his lesson in a clear and comprehensive manner, making them easy to follow. He taught us writing, comprehension and paraphrasing techniques which are very useful. Besides, he always takes the effort to give us detailed feedback on our work to help us do better. Moreover, he is always very patient and encouraging such that I can always consult him about areas I am unsure of. Under his guidance, I became more confident in GP and improved greatly over the months leading to the exam.” ~ Hao Chen

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Timetable and Fees

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Find Out More About Our Classes

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