My Mustard Seed

“The mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds on earth. However, when planted, it comes up and becomes taller than all the garden plants. It grows such large branches that birds can nest in its shade.” — Mark 4:30-32


My Mustard Seed is founded on the heart of providing an environment likened to a garden – the sanctuary where your child, a precious young life, can learn and grow, safe from competition and comparison with others. It is our privilege to witness, and be a part of your child’s growing process.

What we give here is our best for each and every child.


We believe in the potential of every student, who is a unique individual.

The Child As The Smallest Seed

A child may come in as the smallest seed, but he/she deserves the priceless opportunity to learn and grow.

The Potential As The Smallest Seed

In the child’s hands may be the smallest seed, but with the effort he/she is willing to put in to nurture it, he/she can succeed.


Nurturing the child and cultivating the love for learning by meeting him/her at the level of needs first.

Learners need to be processors,
not sponges.

Acknowledging his/her efforts rather than the result will surely lead to improvement.

Proverb 14:23
In hard work, there is always something gained.

At the core,
love the child first (root) and
the fruits (right attitude, genuine interest, diligence & results)
will be borne.


The Beginning

Sarah’s teaching journey started in her study room at home when she was an undergrad.

That was 20 years ago. Through the years, her friends have seen how her work is blessed, and many suggested that she set up her own centre. Her reply was always the same “I don’t want to be controlled by money.”

Rather, to enjoy teaching and students enjoying learning is the heart of what she does.

He Sowed A Seed In Her Heart That Day

And so, another friend asked, and her reply was the same. Unexpectedly though, this friend had a different response to her standard answer.

“You don’t have to do it for the money…”

He encouraged there can be a greater purpose to step up and step out.

My Mustard Seed was Birthed

In 2014, she was offered an opportunity to have her own place to teach – a more conducive learning environment for her students, a more comfortable space for her teaching assistants and a bigger space for her ever-expanding library of resources.

This stepping out brought forth more teaching assistants, all of whom are ex-students, affectionately called “armour-bearers”, who are willing to run with her to enrich other students’ learning experiences in any way they can.

Then Came Another Friend’s Encouragement to Build A Team of Tutors Whose Hearts to Teach Beat As Hers Does

And so she stepped out again.

Now, with her is Teacher Chuan Yi, who is also willing to teach with his heart.


Principal Tutor, Teacher Sarah, English

Besides being an English tutor for 20 over years, Teacher Sarah has also enjoyed the invaluable opportunity to author 5 series of assessment books for EPH. She is an Honours degree holder.

“Every child deserves the priceless opportunity to learn and grow. How I guide my students is founded on the conviction that they can progress and excel under a tutor who truly cares. My part is to give my best to all my students, whose best interest is my utmost priority.”

Teacher Chuan Yi, General Paper

Teacher Chuan Yi is a former journalist whose work has been published internationally in newspapers like The Guardian and Asian Correspondent. He has taught General Paper full-time for 4 years at My Mustard Seed. Before he started teaching General Paper, he was Hwa Chong Institution’s debate coach for 4 years. Under his coaching, the teams won 10 championships. He is also an op-ed writer whose essays have been published in local and regional media.

Teacher Chuan Yi believes that thinking critically and communicating effectively are two important skills that all students need to develop, not just to attain good grades for the General Paper subject, but also to excel in their future careers. With the right guidance, he believes that each and every student can reach his fullest potential.

“Clear thinking precedes clear writing; clear writing aids clear thinking.”