English Tuition Testimonials

“Thinking back, my journey with Ms Wong has been quite a long one – all the way from 10 years old. I have been together with Miss Wong for almost as long as 7 years! But I must say, this journey of mine has been nothing but a fulfilling one and that I am proud to say that I regret nothing of it!:)

What sets Miss Wong apart from many other tuition teachers whom I’ve seen is definitely her ability to control and discipline the class whenever she needs to. Unlike other classes where the students would continue to chit-chat even after the teacher has scolded them, Ms Wong would allow none of that to happen during her lesson. By using her strict and stern tone, followed by her correction which may sometimes be incorporated with life lessons, those students who have made a mistake will understand the severity of their mistake and never to make the same mistake again. As her student who had experienced the full discipline, I must say that this is definitely one of Miss Wong’s wonderful and unique trait as a teacher!

Not only that, although what I’ve shared seems to be a harsh approach, Ms Wong is actually a very caring and gentle teacher. You can tell from her actions and words that she genuinely wants you to learn and have an enjoyable time in her class. For example, whenever we were feeling tired or exhausted from doing the English exercises, she would deliberately go out of her way to give us sweets and chocolates to keep us from falling asleep! Through this is such a small gesture, I can tell that not only does she wants to give us the best, she would also go the extra mile to help us out, giving us the motivation to study even harder!

I used to be overly-meticulous about everything. Ms Wong has also helped me a lot. For example, there was a time when I was constantly fretting about how I wanted my essays to be perfect without having to check for grammatical errors but at the same time without having to spend too much time. However, I knew that it would be very difficult to achieve that. It was right during this time when I approached Ms Wong and she gave me the needed solution to my problem. She said that to write an essay free from grammatical errors, it would take practice and practice but if I were to just fill in all the points first in my essay and then check for grammatical errors only when I finish writing, I would save a lot more time. And so I did and voila! I could see the difference in my essay writing! From getting an 18/30 for my essays, I was slowly improving and getting 22/30 or even more! Truly, I am very grateful to Ms Wong and once again I must say “Thank you, Ms Wong!”!

All in all, Ms Wong is like a needle in a haystack and she is a teacher who is very hard to come across nowadays. From her strictness to her gentleness and then to her guidance, everything about her is what makes her a wonderful person and an even more spectacular teacher!”


“When I first joined Ms Wong’s class, I was afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things, afraid of failure, afraid of making mistakes.

I’ve always stayed on the safe path, the path without any risks and I was contented with that. But under the care and guidance of Ms Wong, I’ve learnt to be more confident in myself. Ms Wong is very passionate about teaching, always willing to stay back for her students to ask questions. Her classes are always enjoyable and effective, and I found myself improving under her teaching and guidance. She inspires me to do my very best, and that it is okay to make mistakes because they help us to grow and become a better person. She is my role model, and I am very grateful for all her teachings throughout the 5 years I’ve been with her. To say that I am blessed to have her as my tutor is an understatement.”


“Ms Wong has been teaching me ever since I was in Secondary 1. Personally, she is like a friend and teacher. When I have difficulty in my studies, she would approach me, hold my hand and pray for me, knowing that everything will go well.

I have never seen such caring and understanding teacher. Miss Wong is the first one. Also, Ms Wong has been using different methods for us to learn and improve our English. On top of this, Miss Wong would prepare materials and plan lessons ahead before conducting the class. She always has a clear vision of what she is going to do in class and how these can benefit us in learning. After every assignment given to us, she would identify our mistakes and guide us individually. She makes sure that we understand our mistakes and advises on how we can improve to prevent such mistakes. In every lesson, Ms Wong does her very best to make sure that we understand the lesson and is more then willing to help out students if they have any questions. We will do different components each lesson – sometimes we do newspaper exercises, comprehension, essay-writing, editing, summary and even grammar exercises to build up our foundation. Under Ms Wong’s guidance, I have learnt many things that I have not known before. I believe Ms Wong is able to fulfil her goals in life and succeed as an educator who can influence others.

Faith as small as mustard seed, can move mountains – Matthew 17.20″


“Since I joined My Mustard Seed, my perspective of tuition has changed. Tuition was always mundane and boring, but in Mustard Seed it was always fun and engaging. This is because Ms Wong always used different ways to make lessons more interesting such as showing us videos and using iPads and Smart TV for interactive learning.

Ms Wong genuinely cares for her students and constantly imparts, not only knowledge, but also core values. Moreover, Ms Wong carefully plans her lessons and workshops with respect to the needs of her students so that everyone can maximise their learning. I really enjoy the time spent with Ms Wong as I treat Ms Wong not only as my tutor but also my friend Thank you so much Ms Wong!!”


“Ms Wong turned my doubt and fear into hope and potential. English has always been a subject which pulled me down, but through my two years of experience in her class, I have learnt not just English, but much more.

Her effective teaching of understanding instead of memorising retains important information in my mind. I dare say, with confidence, that Ms Wong has played a pivotal role in my tremendous transformation from a C6 to an A2 last year. During class, she often gives deep insights on a variety of issues, many of which I find enlightening. The positive vibe she radiates creates a comfortable and friendly learning environment, and I find her to be one of the most influential and inspiring figures in my life.”


“My Mustard Seed is the place where you can find joy in learning. Ms Wong’s (more like friend than a teacher) lessons are interactive and peppered with humour, leaving in us a deep impression. Yet, we can understand what is taught.

Mustard Seed has the most optimal atmosphere for learning. We are taught to do the right thing at the right time. Moreover, lessons conducted are objective-driven. For instance, language workshops are organised during the holidays for us to experience the joy of learning English through creative activities; intense mugging sessions are for exam-preparation period, whereby there are “school papers buffet”, oral practices, and one-to-one consultation prepared to help the students get that A.

Overall, Mustard Seed is the place where I would never forget, for the friendship and knowledge I have gained here will last forever.”

Ya Ting

It was such a joyful and memorable experience learning under Ms Wong! Ms Wong has always been patient and sincere in teaching us English. She always provided excellent and up-to-date materials for our class.

“Because of that, I had a lot more practice in doing English papers and essays which helped me a lot in exams! Her lessons are engaging and well planned out, which helped us to accomplish many learning objectives in each lesson.
I feel truly cared for by Ms Wong. She constantly gives us individual feedback on our work and guides us to improve on it. Sometimes when we were tired, she would give us treats to boost our energy! She always encouraged us to do our best and never give up.

With Ms Wong’s help, my grades have improved greatly from just a borderline pass to a B3 in O levels!!
Her kindness and passion in teaching English have truly provided us with a joyous and loving environment where we are motivated to learn and pursue excellence in English. Thank you Ms Wong for your kindness and sincerity in teaching us!”


“I have always had an interest in teaching. This started since young when I would conduct my own classes with my younger sis (being forced) as my only student. Despite that, this interest of mine was always brushed off since being a teacher is probably every kid’s first ambition.

It was only after my tuition teacher, Ms Wong, inspired me that my belief grew stronger. Seeing that I was so terrible in English, my Mum enrolled me in her lessons without me knowing. I was a difficult student, often being rebellious by laying my head on the table. I thought that by doing all these, Ms Wong would have no choice but to eventually kick me out.

However, she never once reduced her effort simply because I was a bad student. In fact, she countered my stubbornness to learn with her patience to teach. Her patience made me interested in English instead. Her soul’s craving to teach makes me passionate to learn.

Whenever I acquired a new knowledge be it how to improve my oral reading or how to craft that perfect comprehension summary, it was enormously fulfilling to me. Not all teachers can influence that. As someone who goes beyond merely teaching for the sake of it, I am proud to be called as one of her students.”

Hui Ru

“For myself, I’ve been taught by Ms Wong for approximately 2 years and throughout these 2 years of English tuition at My Mustard Seed, I’ve had many takeaways. Firstly, I would like to mention that the care and concern Ms Wong has shown me and the rest of the students is really commendable.

I lacked the motivation to even go for tuition or do the work assigned to me. However, I didn’t want to disappoint Ms Wong because she genuinely wants us to do well not for her own benefit, but ours. Secondly, my grade for English itself was always stagnant until I actually turned up for tuition every week and made sure that I completed the work assigned. At the end of the mid-year exams in the year 2015, my grade improved from C5 to B3. I was proud of myself but I’ll always remember how Ms Wong encouraged me and believed in my potential. Lastly, Mustard Seed is not just any ordinary tuition centre. It’s a place where you can make friends and to study in a conducive environment. The tutor-student relationship that I’ve forged with Ms Wong is of no doubt memorable to me, and I thank her for the love that she’s shown, her passion for teaching and for believing in me, which was a motivating factor, and I got an A2 for O’s. “
Woon Hong

“My Mustard Seed allows students to enjoy learning in an enriching and relaxing environment where all students are given the attention and help needed for them to grow and improve their specific subjects. For example, I have been with Ms Wong for 7 years.

Not only did I learn to identify my own mistakes, I learnt how to improve on them gradually through the years. I find myself enjoying the lessons and subject which I thought were too difficult for me. The tuition centre caters to shy students, nurturing them to speak out and communicate with others without feeling embarrassed or left out. The Mustard Seed enables both teachers and students to bond in an engaging manner when the lesson is too tedious (Jokes, Stories, Videos, Sweets). In a nutshell, I truly believe new students would truly be able to break out of their comfort zones and improve significantly so parents can rest assured that My Mustard Seed can nurture their children.”


“Ms Wong is an excellent teacher. She knows exactly what she’s doing. The students who listen to and communicate with her can easily understand and apply what she teaches.

She does everything she can to make sure that her students will achieve their desired results, and she motivates those with no ambition. From what I recall, her demeanour was almost always a kind, warm and gentle one, even at times when most of her students could tell she was more than just a little tired. She wants to and does care for her students like any good teacher should. The days I didn’t put in what I thought was the required amount of effort, I would feel guilty. Though it wasn’t always easy and she had been angry before, I can safely say I’m glad I went through everything I did in My Mustard Seed and with Ms Wong.”


“I have attended Ms Wong’s class from Secondary One to Four. Ms Wong’s lessons are always very enjoyable and interesting.

All the lesson notes and worksheets given are very useful. I am very thankful to have her as my English teacher as she would willingly stay back to help me with my work.”


“Lessons were really lively, partly due to the people and partly due to the content of the lessons. Ms Wong never scolds us for laughing too much in her class. While we joke a lot, ultimately I feel like we were still learning. It is very easy to ask questions and clarify doubts with Ms Wong.”

Wei Joo

“I started this tuition when I was in primary school. Before I stepped into the class, I thought that the class would be like one of those typical tuition classes where we just went into class and practise and reinforce everything we learnt.

But it wasn’t. This class is different. Not only did we go there to study, I believe we were there to learn from one another. At the tuition class, not only would we learn about our subject, we would communicate with each other so we would have that bond. With Ms Wong, it was a bond that doesn’t represent teacher and student but more of a friend and friend, where we could talk it out whenever there was a problem or an event that happened in our lives. This kind of bond is special and the things we learnt from the lessons would carry on with our lives.”

Weng Hui

“My journey with Ms Wong started as I was doing poorly in English. I felt discouraged and unconfident. She was quick in identifying the areas that I was weak in. We then focused on improving in these specific areas.

This played a huge role in the improvements I made. She was genuine in her approach and always showed concern in my academics. Her constant encouragement and motivation was a boost I needed as English used to be a subject I wasn’t confident in.

The constant guidance I received played a huge role in my progress. Even after tertiary education, I will always remember Ms Wong as one of the most dedicated educators I’ve met. Her dedication and commitment to her students’ progress in both academics and in their growth as individuals is a testament to her passion for teaching. She definitely made my journey with her a loving, fun and fruitful one!”


“I attended Ms Wong’s English class back in 2009 and 2010. English had never been my favourite subject in school and it didn’t help that my school teachers had a mundane way of teaching the subject.

However, tuition classes with Ms Wong were always fun and interesting. She makes essay writing and comprehension (especially summary writing) so much more enjoyable. Up till this day, I’m still putting a skill that she has taught me into practice. I remember looking forward to Saturdays not only because it was the weekend but because I got to attend her class. Apart from being a skilled and awesome teacher who imparts us with knowledge, she is also a wonderful and friendly individual who is always generous to share life stories with us. She would always go the extra mile to understand us and be our friend, guiding us along the way.”

Ru Ai

“My language learning journey at My Mustard Seed Centre started when I was in secondary school, and I enjoyed every single bit of it. Although lessons are carried out in groups, the Ms Wong never failed to engage me. She also catered to my individual needs, which I appreciated deeply.

Because I was in the IP programme, I had individual consultation sessions on top of current lessons. To me, mastering a language requires time, environment and effort. I believe that the centre has embodied these qualities in all that they do. I was provided with sufficient time to learn, grow, and build up my foundation. Ms Wong has created a comfortable environment for me to make mistakes, and cultivate an interest in the language. I am glad to have embarked on this journey, and if you ever were to do the same, I hope that you will find it fulfilling too.”

Pei Yu

“Through Ms Wong’s lessons, I was taught to understand and admire the beauty of English language and not just thinking of English as “one of the subjects” that is part of the O-level syllabus.

She encourages creativity and not just splitting essay writing into just intro-body-conclusion (we need two argument etc). Her lessons are always interesting and every Sat I looked forward to attending her lessons! Her lessons have built my foundation for English and helped me to cope well in JC.”


“Ms Wong was my English tutor from Primary 5 to Secondary 4. Under her guidance, I was able to do well in school and ultimately got an “A1” for my ‘O’s.

Ms Wong’s lessons were always engaging and easy to understand. She managed to turn what would otherwise be a boring lesson, into a fun and interactive learning experience every time. She created a positive learning environment at My Mustard Seed that really helped me endure the difficulties I faced while learning English. At the end of the day, I can confidently say that every lesson at Mustard Seed was an invaluable experience that maximised my potential.”


“To Ms Wong:
‘A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart’.

By far the only teacher I have met with such an aptitude.
I thank you for having the purest mind and passion for teaching.

Thank you for being so patient and supportive even though I am a slow learner.

Your influence as a teacher has allowed me to accomplish what I have today.

It is not just the improvement of grades I am thankful for but the learning process that you have given me that I am more appreciative of.

Honestly back then, I am touched by your genuine lessons and it has somewhat awoken a spirit in me where I strived to do well because I want to do you proud.

That’s why I strongly believe that your influence as a teacher is great and can never be erased.

If it isn’t for you, I won’t be who I am today.

For that, I am grateful for having such a teacher like you.

Thank You, Miss Wong.
Stay Healthy and Be Happy!”

Daniel Lew Yong Jiun

“Ms Wong was my English tutor from Primary 5 to Secondary 4. Under her guidance, I was able to do well in school and ultimately got an “A1” for my ‘O’s.

Ms Wong’s lessons were always engaging and easy to understand. She managed to turn what would otherwise be a boring lesson, into a fun and interactive learning experience every time. She created a positive learning environment at My Mustard Seed that really helped me endure the difficulties I faced while learning English. At the end of the day, I can confidently say that every lesson at Mustard Seed was an invaluable experience that maximised my potential.”

Zhe Tng

“My Mustard Seed is a pleasant place for us learn. Ms Wong was very nice and kind. Even if I made a lot of mistakes, she would still be correct me patiently.

I was really bad at English but she helped me in my weaknesses and I improved in a productive way. I am glad that I had joined Mustard Seed. It was an amazing learning journey that I went from just getting a pass to the grade I desired. I am very grateful to have a tutor like you Ms Wong. THANK YOU !!”

Daniel Cho

“Ms Sarah Wong’s delivery of lesson was simple-to-understand, engaging and comprehensive. Her passion and enthusiasm for teaching inspired me to constantly improve my English standards.

She is patient and dedicated, willing to spend time outside of class just to help clarify doubts and challenges the students face. I am thankful to have the opportunity to learn from a teacher who educates from the heart.”


“Ms Wong is really sweet, kind and understanding. She not only taught us various skills through diary writing and other forms of fun exercises, she also taught us life skills and values. Her sincerity and love for her students are always felt and the information provided was also very essential for examination-taking students.”

Hui Ying

“Dear Ms Wong, we really enjoy your lessons very much. We love the stories that you share with us, putting a smile on our faces and show us how life is. It’s really meaningful and we learn so much more than just English from you. Please continue teaching other students as how you have taught us. Thank you for helping us in our English learning journey. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours! ”

Darus and Celest

“Ms Wong is the most responsible and knowledgeable teacher whom I have ever known. She has not only taught us English but also many other things that we can apply in our daily lives.

Ever since I joined Ms Wong’s Lesson in my Secondary 1 days, I found a love for the English Language and would always look forward to the next lesson to learn more things. I hope those who join Ms Wong’s lessons will enjoy them just like how I did.”

Zheng Hong

“It was a very pleasant learning experience with Ms Wong in My Mustard Seed. She is a teacher who is not only wise, patient, understanding, loving and caring, but also extremely honest and humorous.

She makes English become more lively and interesting, with explanations and guidance in great detail. I really enjoyed my journey with her and I’d recommend you to go for the lessons as well!”

Bin Hui

“Lessons with Ms Wong are always enriching and fulfilling. Miss Wong creates a warm and safe environment for students to proactively participate in class.

Through Ms Wong’s patient guidance, students grow confidence in their abilities to excel in the English subject. I leave weekly classes with an invigorated mind! Thank you Miss Wong.”


“I joined Ms Wong’s English tuition since Secondary 3 and have benefitted since then. I really appreciate Ms Wong’s patience and how she never fails to brighten up our day with a smile.

She would always ensure that everyone understood the concept being taught before moving on. This allows us to be on the same page and learn under a productive environment.”


“Though I joined My Mustard Seed at Sec 2, which is quite late as most of my friends started tuition even before Sec1, I thought that I would fail my English all the way.

However, after I joined Mustard Seed, my English started improving immensely through extra lessons and advice from Ms Wong. I even managed to jump 5 grades proving my school teacher wrong as she thought that I had no hope in passing.”


“There is never a dull moment in Ms Wong’s classes. Each student is challenged appropriately in the assignments and classwork to help them improve. No matter the assignment, each student is bound to learn something new every lesson. Despite resources being provided free of charge, they are definitely not lacklustre.

Besides their quality, the resources demonstrate the amount of effort and heart Ms Wong puts into her lesson preparation to ensure that each student can learn to their best potential. Overall, lessons with Ms Wong have helped to improve my grades, but more importantly, I am now more confident in tackling English questions!”


“Lessons with Miss Wong were both enjoyable and challenging at the same time. Periodically, Miss Wong would find new teaching methods to guide us in our essay writing and comprehension. This made lessons more interesting.

Furthermore, she would share with us some her own personal experiences, either as food for thoughts or just for laughs – both of which made lessons more pleasant. Despite her standard reminder such as to always highlight the clues (“Okay darlings, take out your highlighters now… Highlight this… and this), it eventually became a habit for me which I still practise doing so till now. Her guidance and sharings have not only helped me academically, but also helped shaped my thinking. There were times when she gave us very difficult assignments which daunted me.

However, this has helped me learn to overcome setbacks and to learn from my mistakes. Afterall, it is all about gaining new learning experiences. Overall, lessons with Miss Wong were more than just tuition for the sake of it, but one that requires a lot of thinking, which can be draining at times, but definitely fruitful in the long run.”


“Though it has been a couple years back, I’ll never forget my experience under the guidance of Ms Sarah Wong. She’s a passionate teacher who truly cares about her students’ personal growth and learning.

As her student for six years, I looked forward to her enriching lessons every week. She makes her lessons lively and interesting, clearing my wrong perception of English as a mundane subject where we only learn long bombastic words. Through discussions in her lessons, she has developed a methodology for her students: experiential learning which is often emphasised in today’s education. This helps her students to develop critical thinking, which is essential in both essay writing and comprehension skills.

Truly, she has imparted wisdom through her valuable lessons, which made me grow as a person. Her heart is to nurture her students and she genuinely cares for them, which goes beyond helping them to score stellar results. She always guides each student according to their level of needs. So yes, I’m proud to be her student!”


“I was a typical primary school student who prioritised fun over my studies, causing my parents to become more anxious as my PSLE neared. After many different tutors, I was enrolled under Ms Sarah Wong by my parents. At first, I thought she was simply ‘another one of those tutors’, but I was proven so wrong.

Ms Wong’s dedication to nurturing her students compelled me to put in as much effort as she does in my work. With the heart of sharing the true essence of learning, Ms Wong patiently answered any questions I had and focused on the process of learning rather than the number on my graduation certificate. I achieved an A and A1 for PSLE and ‘O’ level English respectively, both I have to credit Ms Wong for, but these achievements would not have been possible if I was not under the guidance of a tutor who actively promotes the joy of learning.

Although Ms Wong is just a tutor to outsiders, I am sure that all her students can agree that she pours her heart out into her profession and vastly exceeds the expectations of a basic tutor. Under a small group class setting, Ms Wong notices the needs of each individual and approaches each student according to what suits them the most. Having been under such personalised coaching by Ms Wong through my PSLE and ‘O’ levels, I can assure all prospective students that you will be up for an enriching and fulfilling experience under her.”


“Tuition? Never a sad or tiring thing for me. I started my tuition here since I completed my PSLE. I really enjoyed having lessons in a class which is dynamic and not just normal writing session to pass time but an interactive session with the teacher and other friends.

Everything required for lesson is well-prepared. All I had to do was to prepare myself for class. Fulfilling experiences and committed teacher are what I am blessed with. Ms Wong really puts in the effort to help her students get better results and ways to improve and learn in a fun and interactive way.”


“One of my memories in Mustard Seed was one Sec Four night lesson. Everybody looked exhausted and sleepy. Miss Wong kindly let us rest for 15 minutes. After the short rest, we could focus better. Ms Wong puts herself in the student’s shoes and tries to understand us. Another lesson, Miss Wong lost her voice. She communicated with and taught us by typing on her iPad. I knew it was hard for her, but she bore with it and continued teaching. I feel so thankful to have her as a tuition teacher.”


“I joined Ms Wong’s tuition class back in P5, when my mother felt the need for me to maintain my English grades. Going into the class, I wasn’t expecting much. However, I started enjoying the lessons as time went by.

Ms Wong is a great tutor, and she puts in a lot of effort into making sure that her students get the help that they need. I personally feel very thankful to have been taught by Ms Wong, because she shows that teaching is not only hard work, but heart work as well. Ms Wong really is a great teacher, and I’m thankful to have been her student.”