GP Head Start Classes for 2021

Special arrangement for students who confirm their registration in January 2021

  • To offset part of the increase in fees, students who confirm their registration with us in January 2021 may attend TWO of the head start classes free-of-charge once they have topped up their deposit and made payment for January’s fees.
  • Students may also attend the rest of the classes at the reduced rate of $50/lesson.
  • The head start classes will be conducted online from 5th Jan to 7th Jan (starting this coming Tuesday).

Schedule for head start classes (5th to 7th Jan)

Day Timing Lesson Coverage
Tuesday 10am to 12pm Argument Clinic 1 Understanding, identifying and interpreting arguments
Tuesday 12pm to 2pm Argument Clinic 2 Using argument forms to segment and diagram arguments
Wednesday 10am to 12pm Intro to Essay Writing Part 1 Essay structure, introduction and supporting arguments
Wednesday 12pm to 2pm Intro to Essay Writing Part 2 Opposing arguments, rebuttals and conclusions
Thursday 10am to 12pm Intro to AQ Writing Part 1 Identifying key points and writing substantiated responses
Thursday 12pm to 2pm Intro to AQ Writing Part 2 Higher level evaluation and analysis

About the head start classes

  • With the exception of the Argument Clinics (A & B), each session is unique and will cover content that has not been covered before in any of our lessons / workshops.
  • Although students who joined us last year should already be familiar with the basics for C, D, E and F, they will still benefit greatly from the exercises and the new content covered.
  • Sample of the guided essay approach (a different guided essay exercise will be used for this course)
  • Sample of the guided AQ approach (a different guided AQ exercise will be used for this course)
  • Students are encouraged to join both classes on the same day for continuity purposes.

Fee details

  • For registered students, the first two head start classes are free-of-charge and $50/lesson thereafter.
  • For unregistered students, the head start classes are $70 each, payable before the start of the classes.

Mode of payment

  • You may PayNow (or PayLah) me directly at this number: 91781642
  • Alternatively, you may do a bank transfer to this account: 120-319186-4 (DBS Current Account)

Sign up for the classes

  • To sign up for the head start classes, please fill up the form here
  • For enquiries, you can contact Mr Liau at 91781642
  • He can be reached via WhatsApp / SMS / Phone Call
  • You may also contact Mr Liau at [email protected]