March Holiday GP Workshops

Arguments are central to the General Paper subject. Every component of the GP examination requires students to understand, develop and evaluate arguments.

Unfortunately, many students struggle because they lack the tools to deconstruct and construct arguments. Poor grades are often the result of the inability to do something as fundamental as distinguish between a premise and a conclusion.

This March holidays, My Mustard Seed will be conducting a series of workshops for GP students. Students will learn how to identify different components of an argument and distinguish between different types of arguments. They will also learn how to evaluate arguments systematically and point out their flaws. Finally, students will put what they have learnt into practise with intense drills for summary and the Application Question.

The workshops are conducted by Mr Liau, a former debate coach and journalist who has consistently helped students obtain an average improvement of three grades in General Paper over the past few years.

More details below:

Argument Clinic I

? Learn to identify different components of an argument (statements, premises, conclusions, warrants, evidence, backing, qualifiers and rebuttals)

? Learn to distinguish between different argument forms (simple arguments, string of arguments, conjoint premises, multiple conclusions)

? Practise making arguments systematically

Argument Clinic II

? Learn basic laws of logic (law of identity, law of non-contradiction, law of excluded middle)

? Learn to evaluate both deductive and inductive arguments on the basis of their validity, soundness and cogency

? Learn about basic fallacies

? Practise identifying and responding to fallacies

Summary Sprints

? Learn to identify relevant points for summary

? Learn to complete the summary within 20 minutes

? Practise with summary sprints

Application Question Sprints

? Learn to generate ideas and plan for AQ within 5 minutes

? Learn to complete one AQ paragraph within 7 minutes

? Practise with AQ sprints


Tuesday (17th March)
9 – 11am: Argument Clinic I
11.30 – 1.30pm: Argument Clinic II

Wednesday (18th March)
9 – 11am: Argument Clinic I
11.30 – 1.30pm: Argument Clinic II

Thursday (19th March)
9 – 11am: Summary Sprints
11.30 – 1.30pm: AQ Sprints

Fees and payment:

? $60 per workshop ($55 for registered students)

? Registered students may use the workshops as make-up lessons

To register, please Call/SMS/Whatsapp to:

Call 91781642 to speak to our GP Specialist, Mr Liau
SMS/Whatsapp 91781642 Mr Liau directly